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180 Club


L Smith (Virgin Tavern)

H Martin (Prince of Wales)

S Wilde (Virgin Tavern)


S Chambers (Bedwardine)


D O'Shea (Oak Apple 'A')


G Willetts (Hanbury Turn)

D Smith (Virgin Tavern)

P Wallace (Droitwich WMC)

D Collins (Oak Apple 'A')

I Wiggin (Virgin Tavern)


D Bull (Maple Leaf Bear Leaves)

S Mountford (Droitwich WMC)

N Hembrow (Virgin Tavern)

P Whitlock (Hanbury Turn)

R Clarke (Hanbury Turn)


B Cannaway (Northwick)

A Parkinson (Droitwich WMC)

R Chambers (Bedwardine)


S Wall (Bedwardine)

T Gisbourne (Oak Apple 'A')

M Weaver (The Crown)

C Gurney (Oak Apple 'A')

A Waldron (Hanbury Turn)

E Smith (Winning Post 'B')

S Passey (Northwick)


Jack Creese (The Glovers)

J Price (The Crown)

R Downer (Eagle Vaults)

D Harvey (West Midlands)

J Martin (The Glovers)

P Morris (Virgin Tavern)

R Davies (Blackpole)

D Thomson (Droitwich WMC)

C Underhill (West Midlands)

A Copson (Farriers Arms)

A Young (Northwick)

A Lavell (Swan Inn)

D Sorrell (Camp Inn)

N Mason (Blackpole)

J Bird (Hanbury Turn)

N Jordan (Northwick)

S Mason (Blackpole)

M Baram (New Inn 'A')

D Peters (West Midlands)

Joe Bligh (Farriers Arms)

M Johnson (Maple Leaf Bear Leaves)

P Maglifioure (Winning Post OJ's)

P Ford (Farriers Arms)

L Haden (The Glovers)

S Phillips (Crown)

D Scully (The Glovers)

J Fletcher (Farriers Arms)

S Corbett (Prince of Wales)

R Lewis (Camp)

J Smith (Bridge Knights)

J Marshall (New Inn 'A')

A Lee (Plumbers Arms)

J Mikitzcuk (Plumbers Arms)

D Gentle (Winning Post 'B')

K Barone (Punchbowl)

D Swinbourne (Horn & Trumpet)

S Corbett (Prince of Wales)

A Godwin (New Inn 'A')

W Hughes (Heroes)

R Creese (The Glovers)

M Bird (Maple Leaf Bear Leaves)

M Briggs (The Crown)


Most 180's Summer 2019

P Whitlock (Hanbury Turn) - 14


Most 180's Winter 2018/2019

C Gurney (Oak Apple 'A') - 15







C Gurney (Oak Apple 'A') - 170

D. Rowberry (Farriers Arms) - 161

A Waldron (Hanbury Turn) - 160

D Butler (Farriers Arms) - 156

J Price (The Crown) - 156

Shane Smith (Maple Leaf) - 154

W Thomas (New Inn 'A') - 149

S Smith-Verrier (Oak Apple 'B') - 145

T Maycroft (Droitwich WMC) - 144

J Knight (Bridge Newbies) - 141

A Parkinson (Droitwich WMC) - 140

D Collins (Oak Apple 'A') - 140

S Corbett (Prince of Wales) - 140

P Morris (Virgin Tavern) - 140

R Creese (Glovers) - 136

L Smith (Virgin Tavern) - 135

Ben Jones (Heroes) - 131

M Worrall (Maple Leaf Bear Leaves) - 127

J Barnett (Maple Leaf) - 126

L Smith (Oak Apple 'A') - 125

D Butler (Farriers Arms) - 124

R Clarke (Hanbury Turn) - 120

S Hedges (Heroes) - 120

S Mason (Blackpole) - 119

W Ballion (Droitwich WMC) - 119

D Collins (Oak Apple 'A') - 118

P Ford (Farriers Arms) - 118

N Martin (Prince of Wales) - 118

J Marshall (New Inn 'A') - 117

R Barnwell (New Inn 'B') - 116

A McColm (The Glovers) - 116

A Williams (Prince of Wales) - 115

S Wall (Bedwardine) - 114

R Chambers (Bedwardine) - 114

A Williams (Prince of Wales) - 114

D Collins (Oak Apple 'A') - 112

D Smith (Virgin Tavern) - 110

P Whitlock (Hanbury Turn) - 110

H. Martin (Prince of Wales) - 110

M Terry (The Swan)- 109

P Ford (Farriers Arms) - 109

R Underhill (West Midlands) - 109

A Dicapita (The Glovers) - 108

I Wiggin (Virgin Tavern) - 108

L Smith (Oak Apple 'A') - 107

N Mason (Blackpole) - 106

S Chambers (Bedwardine) - 106

A Copson (Farriers Arms) - 106

H Martin (Prince of Wales) - 106

Val Kemp (Oak Apple 'B') - 105

S Chambers (Bedwardine) - 101

D Smith (Virgin Tavern) - 101

J Knight (Bridge Newbies) - 100

J Knight (Bridge Newbies) - 100

M Baram (New Inn 'A') - 100

R Clarke (Hanbury Turn) - 100



Highest Checkout Summer 2019

J Barnett (Maple Leaf 'A') - 167


Highest Checkout Winter 2018/ 2019

D Collins (Oak Apple 'A') - 170 x2

High Checkouts