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Singles & Doubles Knockouts

League Singles KO dates,

Summer 2019

League Doubles KO dates

Summer 2019

Division One:

2nd October 2019

DIvision Two:

25th September 2019

Division Three;

18th September 2019

Division Four:

11th September 2019

Division One:

17th July 2019


Division Two:

10th July 2019

Winners: M Bird and M Worrall (Maple Leaf Bear Leaves)

R/Up: L Haden and L Campbell (Bridge Bandits)


Division Three;

3rd July 2019

Rearranged TBC


Division Four:

26th June 2019

Winners: K Roberts and S Afonso (Horn and Trumpet)

R/Up: C Taylor and D Smith (Horn and Trumpet)