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Singles & Doubles Knockouts

Singles Knockouts

Doubles Knockouts 2019/20 winners


Division One - 15th January 2020

Winners: Phil Whitlock and George Willetts (Hanbury Turn)

R/Up: Danny Collins and Luke Smith (Oak Apple 'A')


Division Two - 8th January 2020

Winners: Paul Maglifioure and Liam Wood (Winning Post)

R/Up: Sean Chambers and Reece Chambers (Bedwardine)


Division Three - 22nd January 2020

Winners: Tom Kennett and Josh Barnett (Maple Leaf)

R/Up: Dave Harvey and Chris Underhill (West Midlands)


Division Four - 18th December 2019

Winners: Dave Hill and Tom Baker (Berkerley)

R/Up: Dave Egan and Dave Pugh (Swan Inn)