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Before deciding if you want to enter a team into the Worcester Darts League’s October 2020 season, please read the new format and covid guidelines below. If you have any questions you can contact Darrell or Sean on the details provided.


To enter a team you will need to send an email to [email protected] with the information set out below: (An entry form is availale on the link underneath the league logo on the left hand side of this page. If you find it easier, feel free to download the entry form and send that as an attachment.)


Once we have received your team we will email back to confirm and we will put the team name on a list of entries which you can view on the website. We will monitor the email daily so if you don’t get an email confirming your entry within 24 hours then contact Darrell on 07741494385.  


Information required:


DAY: Worcester darts league are running a Tuesday League and a Wednesday League. If you are entering a team on both days you will need to send a separate email for each league please.


TEAM NAME: Please enter your team name - if you don’t enter one we will use the pub/club name as your team name.


HOME VENUE: Please provide the name, postcode and telephone number of your home venue. Please ensure that you have checked with the venue’s landlord that the venue can host darts in the coming season. Each pub may enter a maximum of two teams for each match board it has available. If you are playing at a venue with more than one match board, please state which board is your home board. E.g. Virgin Tavern - bottom board. If we receive more than two entries for a board we will prioritise the players who were playing at that venue last season.



CAPTAIN NAME & CONTACT DETAILS: Please provide your captain’s name, telephone number and e-mail address. Captain will receive any league updates via text message.




Please provide each player’s full name, not nicknames.


Please ensure you have each player’s permission before entering them into the league, we will be monitoring these very closely, if a player appears in two different team lists on the same night then we will advise both captains and attempt to contact the player to confirm which team they are in.  If we are unable to do so then neither team will be entered into the league. If we find evidence that a player has agreed to sign for two different teams, then that player will be scrubbed from both team sheets and will be suspended from the league whilst we are under covid restrictions.










The Worcester darts leagues are returning from October. Below is a list of the agreed new format and changes to league rules/etiquette while Covid-19 is still present in the UK in line with advice from HM Government. I have included an example of how the new format will work and some FAQs at the bottom from the feedback received from captains over the last 24 hours


If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact

Darrell Butler (07741 494 385) or Sean Chambers (07412 063 476) via Facebook, text message/phone call or email ([email protected] & [email protected]) . Once we’ve answered any feedback, we will send out a message via Facebook, text messages and the website advising how to enter a team.


In order to resume darts, we will need to limit the number of people at a match to a maximum of six. Therefore, we intend to restart the darts leagues on a three players a side basis. If the restrictions are eased further during the season, the maximum number of players on a side can be increased to reflect that.


Matches will be 3 against 3. Teams will not be permitted to use more than three players in one night.


Away teams are expected to travel with only three players. If a team has to travel with more than three people, for example a parent/guardian accompanying a minor, they MUST clear this with the home team’s landlord/captain first.


Winter 19/20 seasons to be formally ended and voided with immediate effect.


League fees for 19/20 will be retained by the league, but no league fees will be charged until further notice.


Pubs are not expected to provide food at home matches.


The home captain is expected to ensure that two tables have been reserved for the duration of the match, one table for each side.


Match sheets do not need to be sent in, the result may be sent electronically only.

Players should attend with a personal face covering. This should be worn when required to do so by the government’s guidelines which can be found here:


Players must use their own darts and not share equipment or use communal “pub” darts. Note you should only remove your own dart after the “bull up”


All markers must sanitise hands before handling pens/chalk. Home captain must ensure hand sanitiser is available.


To avoid surface contact, electronic scoring WILL be permitted on personal i-pads, laptops or mobile phones subject to the agreement of both captains before the match.


Should a member of your team develop symptoms they should immediately self isolate. With this in mind, if a team needs to cancel a match at short notice they may do so up to 7pm on the night of the game. The match will be rearranged. Matches cancelled after 7pm may be claimed.


There will be several free weeks for games to be rearranged throughout the season.


New players may be signed on up to 7pm on the night of the match.



New format to take effect as below:



Matches will only consist of singles only, there will be no pairs matches.


Only one team will provide a marker, so there will be a maximum of three players on the oche at any one time. Two players and one marker.


Matches will begin at 8:30pm, the board should be open for practice for HOME PLAYERS ONLY before 8:15pm, and be open for AWAY PLAYERS ONLY from 8:15pm until 8:30pm. There should be no more than three players on the oche at any time.


From 8:30pm onwards, only players playing in the next set may practice.


Matches will consist of nine sets, with each of the three players, playing against each of the three opposing players over the course of the night in the format set out below:


At 8:30pm home team will nominate the order of their three players: A, B and C and inform the away captain,


Away captain will then nominate the order of their three players A, B and C and inform the home captain.


The league will not provide match sheets, but you can note each player’s “position” on a sheet of paper or on the chalkboard if you wish.


The nine sets will be played in the order set out below, home player listed first:


Set 1: A v. A

Set 2: B v. B

Set 3: C v. C

Set 4: A v. B

Set 5: C v. A

Set 6: B v. C

Set 7: C v. B

Set 8: A v. C

Set 9: B v. A







Farriers captain will name his side:


A: James Fletcher B: Joe Bligh, C: Graham Clowes.


Bedwardine captain will then name his side:


A Sean Chambers, B: Reece Chambers, C: Chris Wall


Match will be played in the following order:


Set 1: James Fletcher v. Sean Chambers

Set 2: Joe Bligh v. Reece Chambers

Set 3: Graham Clowes v. Chris Wall

Set 4: James Fletcher v. Reece Chambers

Set 5: Graham Clowes v. Sean Chambers

Set 6: Joe Bligh v. Chris Wall

Set 7: Graham Clowes v. Reece Chambers

Set 8: James Fletcher v. Chris Wall

Set 9: Joe Bligh v. Sean Chambers






Q: Will there be a singles knock-out

A: We will be discussing if/how to run this before the season starts and will advise.


Q: If restrictions are eased, how will the format accommodate extra players?

A: If restrictions are eased to, say, 8 people, teams will be permitted to play with 4 players. Teams will be able to sub a player in after sets 3 and 6. This can in theory be extended to up to 9 players.


Q:  Can we sign on more than three players?

A: Yes, you can sign on any number of players, but only three can play in one night.


Q: Can we put a second team in as we have too many players for the new format?

A: Yes, you can put in 2 teams for each board you have at the pub, we will alternate fixtures.


Q: Why haven’t you started the league earlier?

A: Pubs reopened on 4th July, we first made contact with the relevant government department and local MP on 24th July about resuming leagues.


Q: Can non playing members of the team watch games?

A: This is a contentious point. In short, non playing members of the side shouldn’t be part of the group of players on the night. However should a non playing member be sat at a separate table in view of the board, they will obviously be able to watch the matches. We advise non playing members intending to attend to check the situation with the home pub before the match.


Q: Do we have to wear a face mask to play?

A: Again this is a contentious point. Our understanding of the guidance is that you should wear a face mask except when sitting at a table and drinking. However we also understand that this isn’t practically enforceable and is certainly undesirable. We would advise all players to ensure they have a face mask available at games and respect the wishes of their teammates, publicans and opposition players.


Q: When will the season start

A: We are aiming for the first week in October.


Q: Corona is a hoax, just go back to normal.

A:  Resend query to  [email protected]

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